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Video Page - this is all the footage of Shunryu Suzuki except for some out-takes from Sunseed I think. I had the film professionally copied on high quality VHS and Beta over ten years ago and then two years ago had it all transferred to high resolution standard US DVD digital at Fiske Video in Mill Valley, CA and from there to various formats for the archive. These are low resolution M4v (click name) and FLV (in parenthese at end of line) except for the five shorts which are are WMV and MP4. Richard Baker had the Nona Ransom Japan film transferred to video in Colorado.

12-22-13 - A NEW release - Tassajara 68 by Larry Cooper - See below

See note on what we're doing now (8-28-13)

Source material

Zen Mountain Center - KQED 16 mm film ca 1969 (45:24) (FLV low res version) - 1969

Sunseed - Shunryu Suzuki section from a feature 35 mm documentary for theaters featuring gurus - 1970?. There are outtakes somewhere gotta find. (25:19) (FLV low res version) - ca 1970

San Do Kai - black and white 16 mm no sound of Suzuki giving talk in Tassajara zendo 1969 (15:56) (FLV low res version)

Nona Ransom's Japan film - Suzuki's English teacher's 16 mm film from the 30s. A bit of the young (20s) Suzuki on the deck and elsewhere. (31:57) (FLV low res version)

Nona Ransom's Travel film - Also the 30s - no Suzuki - here cause where else would it go? (1:23:59) (FLV low res version)

12-22-13 - A NEW release - Tassajara 68 - a film by Larry Cooper. A 4.5 minute film made in the spring of 1968 at Tassajara with Suzuki Roshi, students working, bells, han, and creek. - higher resolution than the others - 455 MGs. Lower resolution version to come. Read more here.

Hi Resolution version of Tassajara 68

Low Resolution version of Tassajara 68 (thanks Peter Ford)

Recent edited compilations

One Particle of Dust (1:14:11) (FLV) - ca 2000

Present Shunryu (26:18) (FLV) - ca 2007

Five Shorts made by students at SFSU - 2002 or so

Five shorts all together (37:19) (FLV)

A Pearl Rolling Across a Table (6:54) - WMV - MP4

An Ordinary Stone (6:08) - WMV - MP4

Beginner's Mind (4:26) - WMV - MP4

How Do You Like Zazen (5:19) - WMV - MP4

What You're Left With (6:27) - WMV - MP4

All of the original film needs to be transferred to super hi resolution digital files for archiving, for the future, to preserve them. Also, many film archivists say that new negatives should be made. - dc - That note was made in 2008 or so. Since then Cuke Archives has sponsored the ridigizing of the film and will be releasing some new footage. - dc, 11-20-13