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Zen Mountain Center

a KQED film on Tassajara in the summer of 1968

RB = Richard Baker - SR = Shunryu Suzuki - DK = Dainin Katagiri - KC = Kobun Chino

Youtube page for this film - easier to use and view

Transcript of the film

The entire film (424 Mb) (44:44)

Intro SF scenes - RB talking (:53)

Sokoji zendo zazen & Heart Sutra - SR, RB (4:45)

---------Heart Sutra only (4:05)

Sokoji to Tass zendo - SR, RB DK (12:26)

--------Sokoji office talking - SR, RB, DK (3:45)

--------Dainin Katagiri - in a few spots here in San Franscico

--------drive to Tassajara - SR, RB (6:27)

--------arrive Tass zendo - SR, RB (2:13)

Nature, bell, Tea - Kobun Chino on bell (2:34)

Discussion - Maud Oaks, SR, RB dining room porch (3:56) [Maud Oaks]

Working - SR, Dan Welch, Bill Shurtleff, Kobun Chino chanting eko (3:04)

--------Kobun Chino in this film

-----------Suzuki working on stones with Dan and Bill

Hike to the Narrows- Ed Brown, Tim Buckley, Dan Welch, DC, and Niels Holm?* (1:59)

Bell - KC (:35)

Conversation - Peter Schneider and Brother David Steindl-Rast (7:36)

Tass scenes - RB talking (1:49)

Zendo finale - SR, RB (5:09)

--------------Suzuki talk (1:50)


The videos are on the Youtube cuke channel, Youtube ZMC playlist for these  - easiest to watch there - stills to come. - dc


Slide show from this film

Stills from the Film


On the way to Tassajara