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MP3 SS talk2 Other not  SS TITLES AND FIRST LINES DC NOTES audio 10pt print 8pt Year New
61-12-00-wb ZC PDF Teacher and Disciple - Emptiness does not mean annihilation    see 62-03-00 4
62-00-00-BCR.3U ZC     LE         this is 62-10-wb but there are two versions  
62-00-BCR.6UX this is 62-11-wb
62-12-00-wb   PDF  same       True Zen - If you want to meditate, you must have instruction of right teacher,  also 01to09 in one file 9
62-02-00-wb PDF  same What is Zen? - To study Zen is to particularize the essence of mind 9
62-03-00-wb   PDF  same       Square Zen - The idea of emptiness does not mean annihilation. see 61-12-00. This is an abbreviated version. 9
62-04-00-wb   PDF  same       A Buddha Story - In an old scripture told by Buddha there are four lands,   9
62-05-00-wb PDF  same What is the Law - One day the World Honored One mounted the pulpit, 9
62-06-00-wb1   PDF  same       On Zazen - While you do zazen you will come to understand yourself completely… 1 and 2 on same file 9
62-06-00-wb2   with above  same       The Shinsanshiki Ceremony - On May 20th Roshi Suzuki was installed as Master of Sokoji…   9
62-07-00-wb   PDF  same       On Obon - Originality and universality are the same thing for a sincere student.    9
62-08-00-wb   PDF  same       To Tame a Tiger - A government official named Shiba visited Hyabujo Mountain and was taken by the great beauty there.   9
62-09-00-wb PDF  same Bodhidharma's Zen - The Emperor Wu built many temples, 9
62-10-00-wb PDF LE BCR3-The principal character in this model subject is Baso Dōitsu  was 62-00-bcr3 2
62-11-00-wb PDF LE BCR6-Um-mon Bun-en (Yun-men Wen-yen) was a disciple of Sep-pō was 62-00-bcr6 2
62-12-00-wb   PDF LE       Religious Activity - The more we attempt to manage religious activity, the more we lose our fundamental way.     2
63-01-00-wb   PDF LE       Blue Cliff Record No. 14 and 15:  A traveling monk asked Ummon-zenji: "What is this first teaching?"   2
63-02-13-wb   PDF LE       BCR-18 - Nanyo Echu Kokushi was a famous disciple of the Sixth Patriarch   9
63-03-00-wb   PDF LE       Blue Cliff Record No. 19:  Gutei's Lifting up One Finger.  Gutei lived in a small hermitage to be free from the fierce persecution    2
63-04-00-wb   PDF LE       BCR20- Zen may be said to be the practice of cultivating our mind to make it deep and open enough to accept the various seeds of ideas   2
63-07-00-wb   PDF LE       BCR25-Engo introducing the subject said, "If a man comes to a standstill at some stage,    2
63-09-00-wb   PDF LE       BCR30-Attention!  A monk asked Jōshū, "I hear by rumor that you were at one time closely associated with Nansen.   2
63-11-00-wb   PDF LE       BCR36-Attention!  One day Cho-sha went for a walk.  When he returned to the gate, the gate-keeper asked,   2
63-12-00-wb   PDF LE       BCR40-Attention!  While conversing with Nansen, the official Rikko said, "Sōjō said that heaven and earth and I are the same root   2
64-02-00-wb   PDF LE       BCR46-Attention!  Kyo-sei asked a monk, "What is the sound outside the door?"  The monk said, "It is the sound of raindrops."   2
64-03-00-wb   PDF LE       BCR49-Attention!  Sancho asked Seppo:  "What [Why?] does a mysterious golden-scaled carp escaped from the fishing net cast?"   2
64-04-00-wb   PDF LE       BCR52-Jōshū (personal name: Sramanera [?]) of this subject was a native of Northern China.    2
64-05-00-wb   PDF LE       BCR53-Introducing Engo said, "Obtaining the sole existing independent body, the total free activity takes place."   2
64-06-00-wb   PDF LE       BCR51-Seppo was a good example of a well-trained Zen Master.  "Three times a visitor to Tosu and nine times an attendant to Tozai   2
64-08-00-wbW   PDF LE       Zen Center's annual week Sesshin [Trudy Dixon's summary of SS sesshin lectures]   2
64-11-00-wb   PDF LE       BCR73-Introducing, he said:  "The true preaching of Dharma goes beyond preaching or not   2
64-12-00-wb   PDF LE       BCR75-The treasure sword always is present [beyond oneness and duality].   2
65-02-00-wb   PDF LE       BCR82-Introducing, Engo said:  Only a man with open eyes knows the catgut line of the fishing rod.   2
65-04-00-wb   PDF LE       BCR84-This Model Subject is about the Yuima-gyō (the Vimalakīrti-nirdesha Sūtra).   2
65-07-00-wb   PDF LE pdf added 8-09     BCR86-Introducing, Engo said:  To control the world without omitting a single feather, to stop all the streams of passion without losing a single   2
65-07-08U LA-Box PDF LE       Prajna Paramita Lecture - I want to still continue to speak about topsy-turvy views.   9
65-07-15U LA-Box PDF LE       Prajna Paramita Lecture - This morning I want to explain the attainment…   9
65-07-22U LA-Box PDF LE       Prajna Paramita Lecture - We are studying now, the sutra of the Sixth Patriarch, in the evening, and Prajna,    9
65-07-26-AV   PDF   Audio
  E-Chant A talk is always—the conclusion of my talk is always why we should practice zazen.  This is not—my talk is not just casual talk. audio file is ABC 2
65-07-26-DV   PDF   Audio
    Recently I find many problems concerning to religious problem, such as psychology or LSD or the problem of how to bring about complete z 2
65-07-27-AV   PDF   Audio
    For a long time after Renaissance, you have forgotten the value of religion.  You try to exchange religion for, you know, science and traffic 2
65-07-27-BV SFZC   PDF   Audio
    In our way of Zen, we emphasize the way-seeking mind—way-seeking mind.  This is, in another word, bodhisattva-mind or way-seeking mind. traffic 2
65-07-28-AN [Verbatim transcript not available.  (Sound problem.)]
65-07-28-BN [Verbatim transcript not available.  (Sound problem.)]
65-07-28-CV   PDF   Audio
  fixed 8-09 If you understand bodhisattva-mind in dualistic way, it is not right understanding. few words before this "The Bodhisattva mind which is traffic - 2
65-07-28-DV   PDF   Audio
  B-intro I cannot think of anything to talk [about] for this evening.  So if you have some question please ask me. n 2
65-07-29-AV PDF Audio
B-intro Purpose of practice is to have direct experience of buddha-nature. traffic 2
65-07-29-BV   PDF   Audio
    Student A:  Why—why do we put our hands like this?  And then—is—is that the best—is that—why?  [Laughter.] z 2
65-07-29-CV   PDF   Audio   B-intro Suzuki-rōshi:  Do you have some question—some more question? Student A:  Reverend Suzuki, would you please talk about what the Buddhists think about killing …? traffic 2
65-07-30-AV   PDF   Audio
  bell Don't be bothered by your mind. AB one file - sep - don't see where yet 2
65-07-30-BV   PDF    see above B-intro-AB I have to give the conclusion to my talk for this sesshin.  The science or philosophy is like a dissection. see above 2
65-07-30-CV * PDF   Audio
  B-intro If you have a question, please give me.  I want to answer about what I told you during sesshin.  traffic 2
65-07-30-DV   PDF   Audio     Suzuki-rōshi:  Do you have some question?  Student A:  Sensei, D. T. Suzuki wrote that "Zen was religion of the will." traffic 2
65-07-31-AX             see 66-07-23N n DB intro, SS & Sumi,sameas660723N   
65-07-31-BX               files were 1 n 2 joined -B isendofA-Sumi   
65-07-31-C WIP  Audio   E-Chant
[no letter on E-chant file] [check this out]
65-08-00           chant   No Suzuki-speaker, chant-in Other Folder  
TS-65-08-01 TS = Togen Sumi
65-08-05U LA-Box PDF LE       Prajna Paramita Lecture - I want to give the conclusion to this Prajna Paramita Sutra this morning.   9
65-08-12U ZM-25 PDF LE Posture - I want to explain about our posture we take. 9
65-08-19U ZM-92 PDF LE       Water - If you go to Japan and visit Eiheiji monetary,… before you enter the monastery you will the small bridge called, "Han Sak Kyo"   9
65-08-26U ZM-121 PDF         Treasure of Life - In Zen poem says, "after the wind stop I see the flower falling…"   9
65-08-28-AV PDF LE Audio B-intro Confucius said the most visible is the something invisible. traffic 2
65-08-28-BV PDF Audio B-intro B-cmnt I have nothing in my mind.  [Laughs.] traffic 2
65-09-00UX same as 65-12-16
65-09-09U ZM-76 PDF         Forgetting Ourself - The purpose of studying Buddhism is not to study Buddhism, but to study ourselves.   9
65-09-16U ZM-102 PDF         Everything Changes - The basic teaching of Buddhism is the teaching of transedency [means transience] or change. Everything changes is the basic teaching.   9
65-10-07U ZM-123 PDF         Zen Experience - I am so glad to see you again. For two weeks I studied many things and I found that to have so many friends in   9
65-10-14 ZM-46 PDF         Nothing Special - I don't feel to speak after zazen. I feel the practice of zazen is enough. was dated wrong as 16 [14=thurs] 9
65-10-16-AU PDF It is a great joy to practice sesshin with you in this way. 2
65-10-16-BU PDF We have finished sesshin with unusual results. 2
65-10-21U LA-Box PDF         As you know, in Buddhism there are many schools. But you can classify Buddhism into Mahayana and Hinayana schools.   9
65-10-28U LA-Box PDF         In the past, in Hinayana practice, in the first stage, we still have consistent thinking faculties.    9
65-11-00-AU PDF Buddhism is very philosophical, and sometimes intellectual and logical. 2
65-11.00-BU   PDF         Almost all of you have not practiced Zen so long, but I think you have made great progress.   2
65-11-04U ZM-29 PDF         Swinging Door - When we practice our mind always follow our breathing.   9
65-11-11U ZM-21 PDF         Beginner's Mind - People say, "To study Zen is difficult," but there is some misunderstanding why it is difficult. was 11-10 but 11-11 = thurs 9
65-11-18U ZM-36 PDF         Self Nourishment - When you get up early in the morning by alarm, I think you don't feel so well. was 11-17 but 11-18 = thurs 9
65-12-02U ZM-43 PDF Bowing - To bow is very important, one of the important practice. 9
65-12-09U LA-Box PDF         The Middle Way - Here we recite the sutra just once, but in the Zen Center we recite three times.   9
KR-65-12-11             KR=Katagiri Roshi, Dainin Katagiri intro here out of place??? 12-07??  
65-12-11-AU   PDF   Audio   intro Most of you are beginners, so it may be rather difficult for you to understand why we practice zazen or meditation in this way. n - Intro from above moved here 2
65-12-11-BVU   PDF   Audio     Buddhism has many annual layers like a big tree.  It is our tradition to respect those efforts our patriarchs have made for more than 2000 years. nn 2
65-12-16U   PDF         Railway Track - The purpose of my talk is not to give you some intellectual understanding but to express just appreciation of our practice.   9
65-12-23U ZM-75 PDF         Limiting Your Activity - In our practice we have no special object of worship.   9
65-12-30U ZM-116 PDF         Nothing - I found out that it is necessary… absolutely necessary to believe in nothing.   9
66-00-00-AE ZM-113 PDF         READINESS, MINDFULNESS (p110 ZMBM) [Can't find elsewhere.] In the Prajna Paramita Sutra the most important point, of course, is the idea of emptiness    
66-00-00-BE ZM-110 PDF         EMPTINESS (p113 ZMBM) [Can't find elsewhere.] "When you study Buddhism you should have a general house cleaning of your mind."    
66-01-06U ZM-118 PDF         Double Moon - Already we feel night become shorter and shorter. When I come here Dogen Zenji says, even though it is midnight, dawn is here.   9
66-01-13U LA-Box PDF         Buddhism is, maybe, rather difficult to understand for you because Buddhism is not monotheism or pantheism.   9
66-01-20U ZM-104 PDF         Quality of Being - The purpose of zazen is to attain the freedom of our being, physically and mentally.   9
66-01-21-AV   PDF   Audio   B-intro SHUSHŌGI, Sections 11–17:  The next chapter which we will learn is about precepts. n 2
66-01-21-BN   WIP   Audio
[Verbatim transcript not available.  (Sound problem.)]
AM-w = Angus Atwell worked on audio
66-01-22N WIP Audio
AMP-w2 [Verbatim transcript not available.  (Sound problem.)] nn
66-01-26U ZM-38 PDF         Horse Sense - In our scripture it is said that there are four kinds of horse.   9
66-02-09U ZM-55 PDF         Bread - In India there were many schools. We count major school…we count six major schools,   9
66-02-17U ZM-83 PDF         Constancy - The message for us for today was "cultivate your own spirit." It says there on the calendar.    9
66-02-18-A [Thought to be the end of previous lecture SR-66-01-22.]
66-02-18-BVX               misdated - moved to 67-11-06 - KPFA intv  
66-02-24U ZM-57 PDF         Zen and Excitement - My master passed away when I was thirty-three so after his death I became pretty busy.   9
66-03-03U ZM-65 PDF   The Joy of Giving - The precept today is giving, the joy of giving. 9
66-03-13-AV   PDF   Audio     GENJŌ KŌAN,  1–3:  Good morning.  This lecture is for advanced student in his practice, but I think this lecture will help you even n - weird testing sounds brief at 2:20 2
66-03-13-BV   PDF   Audio Claude Comment Heart Sutra SHUSHŌGI, Section 1:  Shushōgi … consist of various teachings from Shōbōgenzō written by Dōgen-zenji.  From 95 fascicle of his work, we tape fixed, chant, commnt added-4-14-10-start was in mid 2
66-03-26-AU PDF   Audio
    [Verbatim transcript not available.  (Sound problem.)] nn 2
66-03-26-BN   WIP   Audio
    [Verbatim transcript not available.  (Sound problem.)] nn  
66-05-25V   PDF   Audio     GENJŌ KŌAN,  1–2:  The secret of all the teaching of Buddhism is how to live on each moment.  Moment after moment we have to obtain the z 2
66-05-26V   PDF   Audio     GENJŌ KOAN, 5-13:  Firewood turns into ash, and it does not turn into firewood again….  In this paragraph, he [Dōgen-zenji] taught us the absolute z 2
66-06-00U   PDF         [The following section is compiled from Suzuki-rōshi's sesshin and Sunday lectures to complete the discussion of Buddhist precepts.]   2
66-06-19-AV   PDF   Audio     GENJŌ KOAN, 1-11:  … The first paragraph is the framework of whole Buddhism. traffic-informal talking at first - class? 2
66-06-19-BV   PDF   Audio     GENJŌ KOAN, 7-9:  … Here he talks about life and death.  But this life and death does not just mean the problem of life and death.  By "life z 2
66-06-19-CV   PDF   Audio     Last time I explained the ten prohibitory precepts….  Those precepts look like quite common precepts and nothing—nothing special. little low 2
66-06-19-DV   PDF   Audio     GENJŌ KOAN, 11-13:  When the truth does not fill our body and mind, we think that—we think that we have enough.  Here he says, even though we are not low 2
66-06-23U ZM-62 PDF   When we sit in this way our mind is calm and quite simple. 9
66-07-00 LA-Box PDF         In the last paragraph of Ashishoji [Shushogi?] is one of our scriptures complied in Meiji [right?] period by various Zen masters out of   9
66-07-23N             [Verbatim transcript not available.  (Sound problem.)] R Baker intro Sumi and Suzuki  n same as 65-07-31 - check to see which  
66-08-15-AV   PDF   Audio     … among many instructions about how to sit:  to keep your back straight, pull your chin, and about mudrā in your hand.  The most important thing is, we say, to stop thinking or to keep your mind on your breathing.  n 2
66-08-15-BV   PDF   Audio     [2-3 words] those who cannot appreciate the—the food we are serving [?] to you cannot appreciate our teaching in its true sense.  nn 2
66-08-15-CV   PDF   with above     [It is necessary] for us to think everything out, or else we—we find it pretty difficult to have firm conviction in our understanding and nn - bc one file 2
66-08-15-DV   PDF   Audio   B-E-cmnt The first day of the sesshin is almost finished….  We are now coping with the problem of causality. n 2
66-08-15-WV   PDF       B-notes Richard Baker commenting on tape confusion and summarizing missed part of Suzuki talk File dated 660818D 2
66-08-16V   PDF   ?     Our mind should—should not be stagnated or in agitation.  Our mind should be calm.  And to be calm does not mean to be stagnant.   2
66-08-17N WIP Audio
    [Verbatim transcript not available.  (Sound problem.)] n traffic and weird
66-08-18-AV   PDF   Audio   B-cmnt [Lecture reconstructed by tape operator.]  This is the fourth day of our sesshin.  We have—the first three days, we have had a pretty AB seem one lecture-cut repeat from B 2
66-08-18-BV   PDF   with above     SHŌBŌGENZŌ "Sokushin-zebutsu":  Before translating original text, I want to make sure … [of] our traditional way of understanding of with above 2
66-08-18-C n
66-08-19-AV   PDF   Audio 1 Audio 2   SHŌBŌGENZŌ "Sokushin-zebutsu":  … It may be better to start it from the beginning of his answer to the question given by … a monk who 1&2-n A2 has sep briefsrcommentat end  2
66-08-19-BV   PDF         Don't be attached to your attainment as a result of … past effort.  Or don't be attached to the refreshed stage you attained mechanically.    2
66-08-19-CV   PDF   Audio     This fascicle of [Shōbōgenzō] "Sokushin-zebutsu," "Mind Itself Is Buddha"—in this fascicle, he [Dōgen-zenji] is giving us instruction [on] n slow 2
66-08-19-DV   PDF   Audio     I think you … can easily understand this subject [Blue Cliff Records 45]: "Attention!  A monk asked Jōshū:  'All the dharma lead up to the one, but what does the one lead up to?'"  slow 2
66-11-09W   PDF         Artino notes - “Wisdom is nothing but to be satisfied with what we have” - Suffering comes from desires.   2
66-11-16W   PDF         Artino notes - “Zazen is to get to our true mind...” - Many people mistakenly believe that Zen Buddhism (and other religions)    2
66-11-20W   PDF         Artino notes - Ordinary men carry a preconceived idea of the self into living, changing circumstances.   2
66-11-30W   PDF         Artino note - “Give up gaining ideas and just sit” - Religion is just for ourselves. We cannot really be religious for others.   2
66-11-30U ZM-127 PDF         We should establish our practice where there is no practice or no enlightenment.   9
66-12-08U ZM-131 PDF         Buddha's Enlightenment Day - I am very glad to be the day Buddha was born… when Buddha attained enlightenment under the bodhi tree.   9
66-12-17-AV   PDF   Audio   Silas-intro In the first instruction of ten instructions in Gakudō-yōjin-shū [Points to Watch in Buddhist Training], Dōgen-zenji emphasize to arise the n 2
66-12-17-BV   PDF   Audio     The fourth instruction [in Gakudō-yōjin-shū] is:  The Need for Training in Buddhism without Self-Seeking Mind….  If we have gaining idea, we cannot practice Buddhism, which is something beyond our ordinal [ordinary] purpose of life. n 2
67-01-05U ZM-99 PDF         Posture - In our practice the important thing is our physical posture we take, and breathing… way of taking breathing.   9
67-01-12U ZM-34 PDF         Don't try to stop the thinking when you are practicing zazen. Let it stop.   9
67-02-02U ZM-86 PDF         Communication - As I cannot speak your language so well that I find some way to communicate with you.   9
67-03-12W   PDF         Artino notes - “We should sit in the middle of our problems...” - The world of thinking is that of our ordinary mind. n 2
67-03-22W   PDF         Artino notes - [Suzuki Roshi read a rendition of "Joshu's Mu."  - "Has a dog Buddha nature?"  Everyone knows that Buddha nature   2
67-03-23U ZM-31 PDF         To live in the realm of Buddha Nature means to die as a small being, moment after moment.   2
67-03-26W   PDF         Artino notes - “When small mind finds itself in big mind, there is peace...” - To transmit the Buddha-mind is to transmit our practice.   2
67-04-02W   PDF         Artino notes - “Our pockets are full of treasure right now...” - We originally were and are Buddha nature.    2
67-04-05W   PDF         Artino notes - “Give up all preconceived ideas and feelings ...” - A lecture here in the zendō is meaningful in a way quite different    2
67-04-06U ZM-125 PDF         The True Teaching - Zazen is not one of the four activities. To walk, to stand, to sit, to lie down, we say, are the four activities, or four   9
67-04-13U ZM-71 PDF         Mistakes in Practice - There may be various kinds of practice or ways of practice or understanding of practice.   9
67-04-16W   PDF         Artino notes - A teaching, i.e., sutra, cannot be whole and perfect because it, like a medical prescription,     2
67-04-22-AV   PDF   Audio     … When you want to study Buddhism or Zen, you must give up worldly desires or you must realize that it is useless to seek for worldly desires.   ns 2
67-04-22-BV   PDF   Audio     …  This sesshin was wonderfully done.  This is, I think, very unusual.  By usual mind this kind of thing cannot be fulfilled. n 2
67-04-26W   PDF         Artino notes - “Our human nature and that of the Buddha are the same” - [Suzuki read from a letter to him by an American student   2
67-05-17W   PDF         Artino notes - “Zen emphasizes the simplest way of practice...” - You may think that the various religions of the world will,   2
67-05-18U ZM-59 PDF         Right Effort - The most important point in our practice is to have right effort.   9
67-05-21W   PDF         Artino notes - “Correct zazen is your home...” - Will power is something you have always.” Thinking power in zazen is not  date surely wrong,  680517-not Sun,Wed 9
67-05-28W   PDF         Artino notes - “True activity includes everything...” - [Questions to Suzuki on difference between a "monk" and a "master."    2
67-05-31W   PDF         Artino notes - It is so that religion is a cultural-social phenomena as well as a personal experience.   2
67-06-01U ZM-107 PDF         Naturalness - There is big misunderstanding about the idea of naturalness.   9
67-06-11U PDF   Today I will explain buddha, dharma, and sangha. 2
67-06-12U   PDF         From now on, on each Sunday service I want to continue the lecture about Shi-sho-ku.   2
67-06-22 AU LA-Box PDF   I am so grateful to introduce to you Kobun Chino Sensei.  was 22 II 9
67-06-22 BU LA-Box PDF         Opposites - Tonight perhaps I was supposed to explain the chapter of the 32 pairs of opposites; right and wrong, there he points out 32 pairs was no letter 9
67-08-00U LA-Box PDF         It is a pretty long time since I saw you all. But if we sit with you in this way I don’t feel so… I feel as if I were in San Francisco   9
67-08-00WB-B   PDF         If you are truly involved with the development of our way,    
67-08-02U   PDF         … when you have a new experience, at first you may form a greater belief.   2
67-08-14U   PDF         Our study will be concentrated for a while on the statement:  "The mind itself is Buddha."   2
67-08-20U   PDF         There are four ways of understanding the relationship of form and emptiness: form is emptiness, emptiness is form, form is form,   2
67-08-21U   PDF         There is a slight difference between your usual activity and the activity in our monastery.   2
67-08-23U   PDF         Buddhism is not any special teaching, and enlightenment is not any particular stage that you attain.  When you understand your life completely, that is enlightenment.   2
67-08-24-AU   PDF         … She was a part of the world, and whatever she said from the top of the mountain was in her mind.   2
67-08-24-BU   PDF         … The main point of practice is to listen to your teacher and to practice zazen.   2
67-08-24-CU-WB   PDF         We have come pretty far from our starting point that form is emptiness and emptiness is form,    
67-08-31 ZM-80 PDF         Zen story or Zen koan is very difficult to understand before you understand what we are doing moment after moment.   9
67-09-00AV   PDF   Audio     Tonight my talk will be quite informal.  You are, of course, interested in Zen.  But Zen is also Buddhism, you know.  So it is necessary for you
[Lecture fixed 7-12, other lecture fragment removed, was two files, now one - 24kbs]
n cut few words at first adjust mic - 1 mn ? 2
67-09-01UX see 67-08-31
67-09-08 WIP Audio
    This is obviously 67-09-08A See below
67-09-08-AN   WIP   see above     [Verbatim transcript not available.  (Sound problem.)]
See above.
n-Crestone tape-A? DB cmnt 660815D  
67-09-08-BU * PDF   Audio
chant E-chant Tonight I want to give you a correct idea of Buddhism or Zen.  In a word, Zen is the teaching or practice of seeing "things as it is" or crickets 2
67-09-08-CN [Verbatim transcript not available.  (Sound problem.)]
67-09-08-DN [Verbatim transcript not available.  (Sound problem.)]
67-09-08-GN             [Verbatim transcript not available.  (Sound problem.)] where are these tapes?  
67-09-12   WIP   Audio
  E-chant   n - muffled Crestone took X off  
67-09-27U ZM-90 PDF         The more you understand our thinking, the more you find it difficult to talk about it, because the purpose of talk is to give some idea   9
67-10-00 WIP Audio
  chant muffled - was mrkd X
67-11-02U ZM-41 PDF         We say our practice without gaining idea, practice without expecting even enlightenment   9
67-11-06-IV   PDF   Audio     INTERVIEW-with Elsa Knight Thompson. Broadcast on KPFA on 1/06/68:  Shunryū Suzuki-rōshi came to America about six years ago…. was 660218B can KPFA better copy?  2
67-12-01-AV   PDF   Audio     In this sesshin, as I said this morning, our practice will be concentrated on putting power in your hara or tanden. ns--bad audio fixed 2
67-12-01-BV   PDF   Audio     This afternoon, in my lecture I told you why we should practice zazen and what is our practice.  After all, our practice is quite different from creek 2
67-12-02V   PDF   Audio     Our inner power of practice will appear according to the situation speeds up wrong audio fixed 2
67-12-04 A-xxx       renamed 67-12-02

 same as 67-12-02

67-12-04-BV   PDF   Audio     The more … we study our way, the more it is difficult to explain it.  But Dōgen-zenji thought there must be some way to make his descendent creek [audio was no letter-04  ?? 2
67-12-05-AV   PDF   Audio     In previous lecture, I compared zazen practice and usual everyday activity.  In usual activity, as you know, our effort is directed to creek 2
67-12-05-BV   PDF   Audio     As the nature of our practice is, like I told you over and over, and the point [of] our effort is directed—is like this, for beginner it looks like z 2
67-12-06-AV   PDF   Audio     The mind which [we] will acquire or obtain by our pure practice is, as I said, something which is not graspable—which is beyond our words. creek 2
67-12-06-BV   PDF   Audio     We say everything has buddha-nature, so we have to treat as a buddha. ns voice lowers at end 2
67-12-07V      PDF   Audio   Cermny First Shōsan Ceremony at Tassajara:  Although Buddha started teaching at Paranasi, but actually when he attained enlightenment creek shosan 2
67-12-14U LA-Box PDF         It's been a pretty long time since I saw you. I am still studying hard to find out what is our way.   9
68-00-00-B WIP Audio
    [Verbatim transcript not available.  (Sound problem.)] spedup a bit
68-01-08UX This is 68-01-18
68-01-11V PDF         A and B joined [?] 2
68-01-11AV   see above           ?  
68-01-11BV   see above   Audio     I already explained about Maitreya Buddha when I explained about the three period … of Buddhism.  And in this occasion, I want to explain spedup a bit at B2- 57:15 - sep tape?  
68-01-12V   PDF   Audio     We are still studying about Samantabhadra Buddha. frgmnt to :50 slowed downat1st spedat:43 2
68-01-18U LA-Box PDF         In Agama Sutra there is a funny story. A man who had.. There was a man who had four wives.   9
68-02-00-A PDF Audio   E-chant During Sesshin the Lotus Sutra will not be appropriate for the lecture sped a little?
68-02-00-B   PDF   Audio     A ray issued from Buddha's forehead between his eyebrows sped up at end - join 1n2 for t-B not like A  
68-02-00-C PDF Audio     Maitreya asked Manjusri what was going to happen n
68-02-00-D PDF Audio     "Now, young men of good family, long before the time of that Ta­thagata Kandra­suryapradi­pa, ns
68-02-00-E PDF Audio     Manjusri again is answering Maitreya, telling him what he has seen. ns
68-02-00-F   PDF   Audio
    "The monks and nuns at the time being, who strove after supreme, highest enlightenment, level problems with some of these 00s  
68-02-00-G       Audio
  Other Lotus Sūtra Series 1:  Published in Wind Bell, Spring 1969
Maybe not - might be Togen Sumi. - DC 9-19
speeds up as it goes with other voice at 41:20(Sumi) in and out toward end  
68-04-23-AV   PDF   Audio
    Because I was not well [?], I am sorry I couldn't join your practice so much.  But you did very well, I think, and if—even though as a n for A and B 2
68-04-23-BV   PDF   Audio 1
Audio 2
  Shōsan Ceremony:  A monk asked Hyakujō:  "Is there some special things happen—happened in this temple?"   2
68-04-23-CV   PDF         [Verbatim transcript not available.  (Sound problem.)] n  spedup lots - not suzuki - go over it ?? 2
68-06-00   PDF   Audio 1
Audio 2
  [Verbatim transcript not available.  (Sound problem.)] little sped up toward end on 1 strange sound on 1 at end and 2 at first 2
68-06-28U   PDF   Audio       Esalen-check again to make V 9
68-06-29U   PDF   Audio       Esalen-check again to make V 9
68-07-21V   PDF   Audio 1 Audio 2   … I don't think [laughs] we can reach conclusion.  I was asked to talk about … something like sectarianism.  What is Sōtō and what is Rinzai? 2nd half prt 1 louder 2
68-07-24V   PDF   Audio 1 Audio 2 E-chant bells-han To have complete understanding of our school … is at the same time … to have perfect understanding of … non-sectarianism. crickets 2
68-07-27N [Verbatim transcript not available.  (Sound problem.)]
68-08-25V PDF   Audio
[Verbatim transcript partially done.  (Sound problem.)] n 2
68-09-00U PDF   4
68-10-00-BU PDF   Audio Lotus Sūtra Series 2:  Non-verbatim transcript. n 2
68-10-00-CU PDF   Audio Lotus Sūtra Series 2:  Non-verbatim transcript. n 2
68-10-00-DU PDF   Audio Lotus Sūtra Series 2:  Non-verbatim transcript. n 2
68-10-00-EN WIP Audio
Lotus Sūtra Series 2:  Transcript not yet done. n
68-10-00-FU PDF   Audio Lotus Sūtra Series 2:  Non-verbatim transcript. little higher voice 2
68-10-00-GU PDF   Audio Lotus Sūtra Series 2:  Non-verbatim transcript. ns 2
68-10-00-HN   WIP   Audio
chant Claude cmnt Lotus Sūtra Series 2:  Transcript not yet done. extreme level and speed problems  
68-10-00-IU PDF   Audio Lotus Sūtra Series 2:  Non-verbatim transcript. ns 2
68-10-00-JN WIP Audio
Lotus Sūtra Series 2:  Transcript not yet done. ns
68-10-00-KN   WIP   Audio
    Lotus Sūtra Series 2:  Transcript not yet done. speed and level towrd end - ty at 51:00?  
68-10-00-LU PDF   Audio Lotus Sūtra Series 2:  Non-verbatim transcript. ns 2
68-10-00-MU PDF   Audio Lotus Sūtra Series 2:  Non-verbatim transcript. sped up  at end 2
68-10-00-NU PDF   Audio Lotus Sūtra Series 2:  Non-verbatim transcript. n 2
68-10-12-AV * PDF   Audio   chant-inc I want to explain our way—our way of zazen.  Do you know—you know the famous story of Gutei? z 2
68-10-12-BV * PDF   Audio