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More mainly Shunryu Suzuki photos
from cuke archives

Three photos by Lisa Law at the Human Be-in
read all about it a page for these three





With Tassajara's first rice crop.
This is a cropped lower res version of SR0248 in the SFZC archive which was two photos, the other a repeat. Herein and on it is now just this cropped version



with Jean Ross



   with Phillip Wilson at Tassajara


at Mel Weitsman's priest ordination, Berkeley Zendo, May 19, 1969



In Vermont. 1971

Photo with note by Tim Buckley below




In the Sokoji Kitchen. Della Goertz to the right. Otohiro Suzuki to the right of Shunryu


Kobun Chino with Shunryu Suzuki - Dan & Louise Welch wedding
behind them L to R Nancy Lay, ?, Angie Runyan
behind Angie Nan Rowan, Dan's sister


Three formal photos at Sokoji from Betty Warren's photos as are the next two.


A tiny overexposed Polaroid photo of the first sesshin. Maybe. Anyway, it's early and came with the above document thingy. L to R in back, Della Goertz, Kazemitsu Kato, Shunryu Suzuki, George Hagiwara (I think). In front on left - Betty Warren and third from right Jean Ross (I think).


Sunday school at Sokoji

Below are three photos scanned at Crestone - thanks Richard Baker

In front of his cabin at Tassajara before a ceremony, maybe the 1967 opening



Richard and Virginia Baker off to Japan, October 1968



Suzuki in monk's begging gear at Rinsoin


At Tassajara maybe 2005. DC with Mitsu Suzuki, Hoitsu and Chiose Suzuki to his right, his young brother Otohiro and wife Mitsuyo to his left. Maybe that's Mitsu's daughter Harumi on the right. Monk on left assistant to Hoitsu.


Four photos of the Shunryu's stone garden at Rinsoin below.





for cover of To Shine One Corner of the World: moments with Shunryu Suzuki. Still from Zen in America segment from film, Sunseed.


Green Gulch Farm memorial for Suzuki