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Photo by Pat McFarland used for the cover. [What is he looking at?]

From title page - Shunryu Suzuki walking to the airplane to fly to America for the first time - May 21, 1959 [SR00275]
Lower unused half of this set of photos at end of this page.

Beginning of of inset glossy photos in Crooked Cucumber

Earliest Photo of Shunryu Suzuki, age 14, at upper elementary school graduation in Mori, c. 1918. [SR0052]

Shunryu, age 25, in the Komazawa University senior yearbook, March 1930. [SR0022]

Shunryu at Eiheiji in monk's pilgrimage gear, c. 1930

Miss Nona Ransom (Suzuki's English teacher at Komazawa University), in Tientsin, China, c. 1932. [SR0051]
Nona Ransom cuke page

at Zoun-in c. 1930. (L to R) Shunryu's father Butsumon Sogaku, Shunryu (squatting), Hino San (Tori's husband), Shunryu's sister Tori Hino and baby, temple caretaker, Shunryu's mother Yone. [SR0031]

At Zoun-in c. 1935. (L to R) Haruko Shima (Shunryu's half brother Yoshinami's wife) and baby, Shunryu's wife Chie, Shunryu's mother Yone (squatting), Shunryu's sister Aiko Uchiyama and baby. [SR0032]

Shunryu Suzuki's master, Gyokujun So-on Suzuki, age 53, c. 1930.

Shunryu Suzuki's teacher, Ian Kishizawa (in white robe), age 85, c. 1950.

Shunryu carrying the stick (kyosaku) at Rinso-in during the Pacific War, while prep school students informally called High Grass Mountain Group (Takakusayamakai) sit zazen. c. 1945. [SR0035]

Rinso-In Temple bells on their way to being melted down to make ship propellers. Shunryu and Chie Suzuki (Right bottom), 1945.

Shunryu with young women's study group, c. 1947 [SR0037]

The back pond at Rinso-In in, 1996 - photo by Bill Schwob
[SR0038] Bill Schwob photos of Rinsoin, Zounin, Shoganji

Chie Suzuki, c. 1950.

Chie's mother, Kinu Miramatsu Obaa-san (grandmother), c. 1966.

Shunryu with temple member-workers at Rinso-in, c. 1955.

Shunryu's family at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, May 21, 1959, (L to R) His daughter, Yasuko Oishi and her husband, Iwao Oishi, Shunryu's sons Otohiro and Hoitsu, Shunryu, his wife Mitsu Suzuki, Mitsu's daughter Harumi Matsuno. [SR0042]

Shunryu at gate waving goodbye when he first leaves for America, May 1959. [SR0043]

Shunryu Suzuki Carrying the stick in posed picture in the Sokoji zendo (normally women on the other side). (L to R) Jean Ross, Betty Warren, Connie Luick, Della Goertz, Bill Kwong, Grahame Petchey, Paul Anderson, Bob Hense (c. 1961). [SR0209]

Sokoji, Soto Zen Mission, 1881 Bush Street, San Francisco, c. 1965.

Procession Through San Francisco Japantown during Shunryu Suzuki's Mountain Seat Ceremony, officially becoming the abbot of Sokoji, May 20, 1962. (L to R) Unknown, Taizan Maezumi, Shunryu Suzuki, Wako Kato, Rerin Yamada, a couple of observers, and a girl in kimono carrying flowers ahead of the procession. [SR0045]

After Shunryu Suzuki Mountain Seat Ceremony, May 20, 1962, members of Japanese-American congregation, Zen Center, and guests in front of Sokoji. [SR0053]

Shunryu and Mitsu Suzuki at the San Francisco Airport on their way to Japan, April 10, 1963. Others (L to R) Virginia and Richard Baker (holding Sally), Betty Warren, Connie Luick, Mike and Trudy Dixon, Della Goertz, Giles Guay, Pauline Petchey (holding David). [SR0033]

(L to R) Shunryu Suzuki, Hoitsu Suzuki, unknown, Grahame Petchey, Pauline Petchey, Philip Wilson, Claude Dalenberg; Rinso-in, October 1966. - photograph by Fumiyo Yanagita [SR0044]

Sotan Tatsugami, Grahame Petchey, and Philip Wilson at Eiheiji monastery, Fukui Japan, 1964. - photograph by Genjiro Yagi

Shunryu Suzuki and Richard Baker at Tassajara. - photograph by Tim Buckley 1968 [SR0046]

Richard Baker and Suzuki Roshi sitting zazen. - - photograph by Tim Buckley 1967 [SR0047]

The City Center of the San Francisco Zen Center at 300 Page Street, c. 1969. - photograph by Robert Boni [SR0048]

Shunryu Suzuki at Tassajara with Dan Welch and Peter Schneider, c. 1968. - Photograph by Tim Buckley [SR0049]

Suzuki Roshi lecturing in the zendo at Tassajara in the summer of 1967. David Chadwick is to the left of his shoulder. - Photograph by Minoru Aoki

Tassajara, Zen Center, [not] first practice period work-time photo. Summer 1967.

[Close but incorrectly identified. It's from the Fall work period following that summer. I realized that recently when I saw Niels Holm upper left and Jim Morton just pointed it out. Both came in the fall for the first time. Most of us were there in the summer though. Names in Official Archive. - dc] - Photograph by Minoru Aoki [SR0055]

Shunryu Suzuki at the City Center, c1970.  - Photograph by Katherine Thanas (I think, not in book. - dc) He's with Yvonne Rand here, playing with her mother's glasses. [SR0006]

Shunryu and Mitsu (Okusan) at a Tassajara Wedding Reception, 1970. -  Photograph by Alan Marlowe [SR0013]

At Richard Baker's Mountain Seat Ceremony, November 21, 1971, thirteen days before Suzuki's death. (L to R) Suzuki's eldest son and dharma heir, Hoitsu, Shunryu Suzuki, his wife Mitsu, Dainin Katagiri. - Photograph by Robert Boni. [SRC0063 (color)]

A view of the Santa Lucia mountains as seen from the ridge on the road to Tassajara.  - Photograph by Robert Boni.

End of inset glossy photos in Crooked Cucumber

Shunryu Suzuki in 1968 - by Tim Buckley
0n the back cover of the hardback of Crooked Cucumber.

Lower unused half of the set of photos of Suzuki walking to the plane at Hanada Airport in Tokyo on his way to America for the first time on May 18, 1959. Upper half above used on title page of Crooked Cucumber. [SR00275]



Official Broadway Books promo photo of David Chadwick taken 1998--from the jacket sleeve.

photograph by Robert Schilling

Thanks to Christopher Modec-Halverson for getting the inset photos ready and to Charlie Conrad at Broadway Books for sending the PDF of the inset photos since we couldn't find them all in the photo archive and to Dan Kaplan for looking for them and writing down a lot of the captions  - and to Wendy Lewis at the SFZC for locating the front and back cover photos. - dc